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Aviation Images - Aircraft in Detail
Scale Modeling
Aviation E-zines

Aviation Week
The Air Current
FLIGHT International
Boeing Frontiers Magazine Archive
Boeing AERO Magzine Archive
Lockheed Code One Magazine Archive
US Air Force Magazine Archive

Aviation History and Reference Sites

Aviation Archive McDonnell Douglas History by Ron Downey
US Navy Aircraft History by Tommy H Thomason
Joe Baugher's Homepage  Ultimate Reference for US Military Aircraft and Serials
AeroFiles! American Aviation since 1903 by K. O. Eckland
Scramble on the Web  by The Dutch Aviation Society - Reference Site for Airshow Info and A/C Serials
Secret Projects Unbuilt Projects, Military and Aerospace technology

Aircraft Walkaround Sites and Hyperlinks

Aircraft Resource Center  by Steve Bamford
Prime Portal - The Airstrip  by Don Busack

ACB Aircraft Carrier Builders  by Zoltan Pocza
Walkaround Section  on Silicon Valley Scale Modelers' website
Seawings - The Flying Boat Website by Bryan Ribbans
Helicopter walkarounds on OH-1 Ninja Scout Helicopter Site
Aircraft Color Profiles  by Janusz Swiatlon

Dishmodels.ru  by Vseslav Djakonov and Anatoly Velichko
Fanakit Site Web du 1/72ème  Kit Reviews, Galleries and Reference Walkarounds

IPMS Norway   Links to Pages with Aircraft Detail Pictures
Phil's Aeronautical Stuff  by Philip Juvet (†)
Cybermodeler Aircraft Reference Library  by Michael Benolkin
Fanakit Photoscopes  by Ivan Brocot
Aircraft Walkarounds  Canadian stuff by IPMS 'Buzz' Beurling members
Kiwi Aircraft Images  by Phillip Treweek
The Ejection Site  Ejection Seat Gallery

Aircraft Photography Sites and Hyperlinks

Paul Nann's Military Aviation Photo Gallery
MILAIRPIX Aircraft Photographs and Air Displays by Roger Whitcomb
aviaphoto.ru  Aviation Photography Site from Russia

Aircraft Resource Sites and Hyperlinks

The Aviation Homepage Aviation Portal by Garret Wilkerson
Roy's Russian Resource  Russian Aircraft and Aviation Links Portal by Roy Cochrun

Aircraft Type Sites

Thunder & Lightnings   British Post-War Military Aircraft  by Damien Burke
Home of M.A.T.S.  Grumman F-14 Reference Work by Torsten Anft
A-3 Skywarrior 'Whale'  by the A-3 Skywarrior Association
F-14 Tomcat Alley  by R.M. Davies
The Miles Marathon by Duncan Curtis
F-100 Super Sabre  by Michael Benolkin

International F-104 Society

F-104 Starfighter  916 Starfighters by Hubert Peitzmeier
XB-70 - Flight of the Valkyrie  by Steven Levin
OH-1 Ninja Scout Helicopter Site
Personal Jets  Page by Luc Van Bavel

Helicopter Flight Physics

Dynamic Helicopter Aerodynamics  based on US Army Field Manual FM 1-203
Dynamic Helicopter Flight_Maneuvers  based on Rotorcraft Flying Handbook FAA-H-8083-21

Academia & Societies

The Royal Aeronautical Society  Rotorcraft Group
American Helicopter Society  Vertical Flight Society
Classic Rotors  The Rare & Vintage Rotorcraft Museum
AEHS  Aircraft Engine Historical Society


Pima Air and Space Museum  Arizona Aerospace Foundation, Tucson AZ, USA
Deutsches Museum  Munich, Germany
Luftwaffenmuseum Militärhistorisches Museum Flugplatz Berlin-Gatow, Germany


Uniformfreak  Cliff Muskiet's Stewardess/Flight Attendant Uniform Collection

Scale Modeling

Modeling Websites

Modeling Madness Webzine  by Scott van Aken
Scalemates Scale Modeling Database & Stash Manager
1/72 Aircraft News & Kit Inbox
Kitmaker Network Aircraft Kit News
Tailhook Topics by Tommy H Thomason
Das Modellboard Forum (German)
Hyperscale  Virtual Magazine For Aircraft and Armor Modelers by Brett T. Green
Internet Modeler  Webzine by Chris Banyai-Riepl and Michael Benolkin
Aircraft Resource Center  by Steve Bamford
What If Modelers Forum
Modellversium  Das Online Modellbau Magazin by Tim Vereecke & Friends
Scale Rotors - Modeling Scale Helicopters by Tim Vereecke

Dishmodels.ru  by Vseslav Djakonov and Anatoly Velichko
Fanakit Site Web du 1/72ème  Kit Reviews, Galleries and Reference Walkarounds

Kit Maker Network Armorama reloaded for scale modeling beyond ground targets
AEROSCALE Scale Aircraft Modeling Community

Fine Scale Modeler Magazine
Modelstories  by J. C. Carbonel
  for Military Scale Modelers
Heli Kit News  by Chris Jones
Cybermodeler Online  by Michael Benolkin
Ru.Modelism  Russian Webzine
The Modeler Site  by Mario Covalski
The IPMS Stockholm Magazine  by Martin Waligorski
Cocardes  French Aircraft Modeling E-zine 
Track-Link  Resource Site for Armor Modeling  by Paul A.Owen
Missing Links  Tank & AFV Modeling
ACB Aircraft Carrier Builders  by Zoltan Pocza

Model Kit Reviews

Modeling Madness Webzine   The Mother of Kit Review Sites  by Scott van Aken
Hyperscale Kit Reviews  by Brett T. Green
Kit Reviews Online by Dr. Michael Brodhaecker (German)
First Look  Preview pages with sprue shots at IPMS Deutschland
Modellversium Kit-Ecke  Lots of reviews, sprue shots and instruction scans
AEROSCALE  Aircraft kit reviews
Airfix Workbench News

Personal Pages

Rob de Bie's Scale Models  very interesting construction features supported by meticulous reference work
Modelling Russian Aircraft  by 'Flankerman' Ken Duffy
Ted's Modelworks  by Ted Talyor (†). All scales, all genres - must-see collection of Phantom models
VODNIK'S Place  by Pawel "Vodnik" Krupowicz devoted to 1/35 scale armor and 1/48 scale aircraft modeling
Hover Lover's Model Page  by David Campbell. Helicopter Resources, Reviews, Galleries
Luft'46   by Dan Johnson. devoted to the Luftwaffe 1946 theme.
Al's Place  by Al Superczynski (
World War I Modeling Archive  by Allan Wright
Don Color  amongst others provides 4-views of Luftwaffe regular and experimental 'Norm' camouflage schemes!
Aircraft Modeling in Plastic  by Meindert de Vreeze. Lots of 1/72 aircraft kit pictures and reviews 

Modeling Club Pages

IPMS New Jersey  ...have a look at their reviews, features, and  tips & techniques sections
Club de la Vallée de l'Ousse  ...very nice French website maintained by Jose-Manuel Estevez
Maquette Club Thionvillois  ...French site with book and kit reviews
PMC Fritzlar-Homberg  ...nice German website

Professional Art

Model Aces  Museum Quality Scale Model Aircraft Replicas
Precise Modeling  Museum Quality Scale Models

Buffie's Best  Scale Replicas with Amazing Detail

DOXAERIE  Hardwood Models and Restorations
Mark Styling  Aviation Illustrator & Artist

Mail Order Shops for Model Kits, Supplies, Books and Magazines
(those I tried and received excellent service from)

MBK Modellbau Koenig (GE)
Hobby Link Japan (Japan)
Squadron Mail Order (US)
Microscale Decals (US)
HobbyTerra  ...highly recommended and competitive source for kits from ex-USSR manufacturers (Russia)
Hannants  ...home of  Xtracolours, Xtradecals, Xtrakits and Xtracrylics. (UK)
Rai-Ro  Modellbau-Zubehörversand  ...modeling tools and supplies (GE)

Modellbau Kölbel ...nice price model shop (Germany)
Falcon Industries  ...Home of Falcon vac-form canopies (New Zealand)

Aeroplane Books  ...new and second-hand aviation literature, some OOP titles (US)
Bookfinder   ...the ultimate online resource for book shoppers (new, OOP and used titles)!

Micro Mark   ...modeling and crafting tools and supplies. (US)


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