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18 January 2022
Added the Bo46 Derschmidt rotor to the Rotorhead  gallery.
9 January 2022
Added the Fw190A-8 and the Halberstadt CL.IV  to the Luftwaffenmuseum page.
10 November 2020
Added the Rostec Mi-38 to the Rotorhead Gallery.
16 February 2020
Sanitized the link list for a start.
5 October 2014
The McDonnell-Douglas BAe AV-8B Harrier II  gallery was updated with images of an Royal Navy Harrier GR.9 spotted at Skrydstrup in Denmark in 2010.
22 December 2013
Here we go  McDonnell-Douglas BAe AV-8B Harrier II  also featuring the RAF Harrier GR.7.
20 December 2013
Added a new walkaround gallery for the  British Aerospace AV-8A/C Harrier. To be followed by a revamped and amended gallery for the AV-8B Harrier II and RAF Harrier GR.5/7/9.
20 December 2013
What a shame! A year has passed without a change.
17 December 2012
Added a dozen more engines to the  Deutsches Museum  page.
10 December 2012

Updated the  Eurofighter EF2000 Typhoon walkaround gallery with some in-flight shots and more single-seater detail.

03 July 2012

Just before heading off to Farnborough 2012 I realized that I failed to put online the photos taken at  Farnborough 2010  ;-)

07 January 2012

Started the year with an update of the Phantom II walkaround gallery adding 45 new and/or higher resolution images of a  German Luftwaffe F-4F ICE  shot 8 years ago with my then brand-new Nikon Coolpix 990. It's still a good camera that produces useful images in confined spaces and in adverse lighting conditions.

31 December 2011

Major revamp of the  Rotorhead  gallery adding several new types (SA321 Super Frelon, the AgustaWestland AW101/US101, Bell 212/UH-1N, Chinook HC.2 and CH-47F, Cassidian VTUAV, Eurocopter AS532 Cougar, Heli Air HAD-1 Helineo, Indra Pelican UAS, Northrop Grumman MQ-8B Fire Scout, Sikorsky S-434, Swiss UAV Neo S-300 and Koax X-240) and updating/supplementing some other types.

18 December 2011

After paying a three-day visit to  Luftwaffenmuseum  in 2010 and shooting some 2,500 images there was lots of new stuff waiting to be added. Here's the bulk of new additions. The next installment will cover missiles, ejection seats and some miscellaneous items.

4 December 2011

Added a number of ejection seats to the  Deutsches Museum  gallery, including Mikoyan KM-1 and SM-2, Lockheed C-2 as well as Martin Baker Mk.5, Mk.6 and Mk.7 models.

25 November 2011

Added engines, missiles and some other exhibits on display at  Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin  to the respective galleries.

6 November 2011

Added some more images to the  Airbus Military A-400M  gallery including images of  MSN003.

20 August 2011

Added a new walkaround gallery for  NHI NH90 NFH  naval variants, starting with Dutch, French and Italian aircraft. Includes Dutch Navy s/n N-110, which is one of the decal options of Revell's forthcoming kit #04651.

18 July 2011

Added the second installment of  Airbus Industrie A400M  images to the airplane walkaround galleries, showing MSN001 at ILA 2010 air show.

14 July 2011

Added the first installment of   Airbus Industrie A400M  images to the airplane walkaround galleries, showing MSN002 at Farnborough Air Show 2010.

19 April 2011

Added the first installment of the  Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin  gallery, covering aircraft. Engnes, missiles and other stuff on exhibit to come.

26 March 2011

I revisited Flugwerft Oberschleißheim in February, so here's another update of the  Deutsches Museum  gallery.

14 January 2011

Added a few more engine images to the  Deutsches Museum  gallery.

2 January 2011

Amended the  Deutsches Museum  gallery with lots of images that I took in the early 2000s  - HAPPY NEW YEAR

20 December 2010

Added a new walkaround gallery with 90 images of a former East German Air Force  MiG-23BN Flogger-H.

19 September 2010

Added the  Aeris Naviter AN-2 Enara  to the  Rotorhead  gallery.

2 August 2010

Added the  AgustaWestland AW109  and the  Sikorsky MH-53M Pavel Low IV  to the  Rotorhead  gallery.

31 July 2010

Added the  AgustaWestland AW159 Lynx Wildcat  and the  Bell Model 429  to the  Rotorhead  gallery.

30 July 2010

Added the  Sikorsky MH-60R Knighthawk  and the  Bell UH-1Y Venom  to the  Rotorhead  gallery.

15 July 2010

Added the  Sikorsky S-92  to the  Rotorhead  gallery.

28 June 2010

Added a new gallery in the  Museum  section for  Luftfahrt-Museum Finowfurt  at Eberswalde-Finow, Germany. Amongst the exhibits are a MiG-23S Flogger-A and a Yak-28R Brewer-D.

05 March 2010

Added 27 images of a  Marineflieger Tornado IDS   to the  MRCA Tornado gallery, which is now close to 150 images.

01 March 2010

Added 20 images of  Luftwaffe Tornado ECR   to the  MRCA Tornado gallery.

28 February 2010

Corrected s/n and c/n information errors in the  MRCA Tornado gallery.

25 February 2010

Added  about 20 images of an  RAF Tornado GR.4  to the  MRCA Tornado gallery.

18 February 2010

Added the  Guimbal Cabri G2, the  MK Helicopter MK3,  and the  Schiebel S-100  to the  Rotorhead  gallery.

12 February 2010

Added a new gallery with 100+ images of  Eurofighter EF2000 Typhoon/Tifone  fighters in Luftwaffe, AMI and RAF service.

19+20 January 2010

Added 27 images, mostly main and tail rotor detail, to the  German Army Aviation  CH-53G  walkaround gallery.

18 January 2010

Added the  Sikorsky H-53 Sea Stallion  to the helicopter walkaround galleries, starting with German Army Aviation  CH-53G  license-built by VFW-Fokker and the improved  CH-53GS  version  for use with German special forces.

09 January 2010

Approaching the 3,000 images mark.  Atlas XH-2 Rooivalk  added to the  helicopter walkaround galleries.

02 January 2010

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!
2009 access statistics indicate 365,000 visitors for the year (1,000 users per day)  from more than 155,000 unique IP addresses.

25 December 2009

Added exterior and interior images of the  Mi-24 Hind-D  at Flugplatzmuseum Cottbus.

13 November 2009

Fokker Dr.I and Lampyridae stealth study added to the  Deutsches Museum  gallery.
Added three new images to the  Messerschmitt Bf109  gallery

18 October 2009

Finished  the  Westland Lynx  gallery with some additional  Dutch SH-14D  images.

04 October 2009

Added some more  Royal Army Air Corps Lynx AH.7  images to the  Westland Lynx  gallery.

25 August 2009

Added the  Westland Lynx  to the helicopter walkaround section. First installment covers German Navy Super Sea Lynx Mk.88A and  Danish Navy Super Sea Lynx Mk.90B variants.

12 August 2009

Added some images to the  F-16 Fighting Falcon  page.

Revamped the  Microjet 200B  page and added another image to the  MD-81 UHB Demonstrator (GE36)  page in the  Rarebirds  section.

11 August 2009

Added some images of the  MD-81 UHB Demonstrator  with GE36-UDF engines to the  Rarebirds  page.

8 June 2009

Expanded  the  2006 Open House at Rostock-Laage  page.

7 June 2009

Started a page on the  2006 Open House at Rostock-Laage  which celebrated the post-war Luftwaffe's 50th anniversary.

10-12 March 2009

Expanded the  C-17A Globemaster III  walkaround gallery with images showing the details of the LAIRCM mod as reproduced by the recently released Revell 1/144 scale model kit.

10-12 March 2009

Added lots of new images to the  C-17A Globemaster III  walkaround gallery.

8 March 2009

Started to update the  C-17A Globemaster III  walkaround gallery, upgrading most of the previously existing images
to 1200 x 800 resolution. New images to follow soon.

25 January 2009

Added a few images to the  RNLAF AH-64D Apache  walkaround gallery.

14 January 2009

Added almost 80 images to the  Westland Seaking  gallery.

02 January 2009

Rotorway Exec 90  added to the  Rotorhead  gallery.

23 August 2008

Dornier Do29 V1  tilt-propeller VTOL aircraft added to the  Luftwaffenmuseum  page..

29 July 2008

Bell 230  and some more  HAL Dhruv  images added to the  Rotorhead  gallery.

28 July 2008

MD520  and  Schweizer 300C  added to the  Rotorhead  gallery.

27 July 2008

Bell 47  and  PZL SW-4  added to the  Rotorhead  gallery.

24 July 2008

Completed the  H-34 Choctaw (Sikorsky S-58)  walkaround gallery with another 29 images.

20 July 2008

Added a bunch of new images to the  H-34 Choctaw (Sikorsky S-58)  walkaround gallery.

17 July 2008

Added the a German Army H-34G-II to the  H-34 Choctaw (Sikorsky S-58)  walkaround gallery.

05 May 2008

Added some  US Army AH-64D Longbow  images to the Apache walkaround gallery.

03 May 2008

Completed the  AW139 walkaround gallery.

02 May 2008

Added the  AgustaWestland AW139  to the Rotorhead gallery and started an  AW139 walkaround gallery  as well.

01 March 2008

Added 32 images of RNLAF AH-64Ds to the  AH-64 Apache  walkaround gallery.

04 December 2007

Added 40 images to the  A-10A Warthog  walkaround gallery.

07 October 2007

Added a number of images to the  Mil Mi-26 HALO  walkaround gallery.

06 October 2007

Now that the long awaited 1/72 Special Hobby kit is going to be released any day soon, I amended the Sikorsky CH-37B Mojave walkaround gallery with 30+ further  images of the aircraft on display at PASM.

28 April 2007

Amended the  EC665 Tiger walkaround gallery with 42 images of  Tiger PT3R  modified to HAC standard.

1 April 2007

Completed the  Belgian Helidays 2003  airshow gallery. Belgian Helidays 2007 will take place 12-13 May.

30 March 2007

Added a number of images to the  Belgian Helidays 2003  airshow gallery.

11 March 2007

Bell 427 added to the Rotorhead gallery.
Added images of series production TTH aircraft to the  NH90  walk around gallery.

4 March 2007

MD900 and MBB Bo105CBS added to the Rotorhead gallery.
Added a few more UH-1D SAR images to the  Huey  walk around gallery.

23 February 2007

EC725, H-5 (S-51), H-19 (S-55), H-21, H-34 (S-58), CH-37 (S-56), HH-3F (S-61R), HH-52A (S-62), CH-54 (S-64), AH-1S, and Dhruv (ALH) added to the Rotorhead gallery.

29 August 2006

Expanded the Bell UH-1 Iroquois gallery with images of two German Army UH-1D LTH machines, one featuring MG3 7,62mm door guns and another one with upgraded NAV/COM equipment.

19 April 2006

Completed the Merlin HC.3 walkaround in the  AgustaWestland EH101 Merlin  gallery with 11 new images.

16 January 2006

Happy New Year!

Expanded the  UH-60A Blackhawk  walkaround gallery, amongst others added images of a
UH-60A(C) Cinchawk of SHAPE Aviation Detachment.

25 December 2005

Merry Christmas!

Added a few images to the  Pima Air & Space Museum  gallery.

17 December 2005

Added images of  Luftwaffenmuseum's Bf109G-2 (Ha1109-K1L) to the  Messerschmitt Bf109  walkaround gallery.

10 December 2005

Expanded the  Messerschmitt Bf109  rare bird page into a walkaround gallery, added images of
Bf109E-3 WNr. 790 on display at Deutsches Museum.

6 December 2005

Implemented second and final installment of pictures to the  Messerschmitt Me262  walkaround gallery.

5 December 2005

Implemented the first installment of pictures to the  Messerschmitt Me262  walkaround gallery, showing
Me262A-1a WNr. 500071 on display at Deutsches Museum.

26 June 2005

Revamped the  AgustaWestland EH101 Merlin  walkaround gallery and added a Royal Air Force Merlin HC.3 photographed recently at Paris Airshow LeBourget (to be completed).

11 June 2005

Added 28 images of a US Army UH-1M gunship to the  Bell UH-1 Iroquois  walkaround gallery.

7 June 2005

Added 33 images of German Luftwaffe, Heeresflieger, and Federal Police UH-1D to the  Bell UH-1 Iroquois  walkaround gallery. Including a bunch of interior shots.

2 June 2005

Added a few images of an Italian Air Force F-104S ASA-M to the  F-104 Starfighter  walkaround gallery.

29 May 2005

Completely revamped the  MiG-29 Fulcrum  walkaround and corrected a wealth of errors in image descriptions.

16 May 2005

Added a few more entries to the  Pima Air and Space Museum  page  and added detail images of
PASM's F-104D to the  F-104 Starfighter  walkaround gallery.

25 March 2005

Added walkaround images of Luftwaffe F-104G and TF-104G to the  F-104 Starfighter  walkaround gallery.

19 March 2005

Revisited the  Luftwaffenmuseum der Bundeswehr  gallery adding a Noratlas, Erich Hartmann's Sabre Mk.6, a pristine 1969 RF-4E Phantom II, a Czech MiG-15 and a TM-61C Matador cruise missile.

13 February 2005
Completed the  Lockheed F-104G Starfighter ZELL  gallery, adding another 30 images.

16 January 2005
Added close-up shots of a Luftwaffe F-4F ICE - covering the nose landing gear and the slats - to the  Phantom II  walkaround gallery.

5 January 2005
Happy New Year! Still adding images to the  CH-37B Mojave  walkaround gallery.

13 December 2004
Further additions made to the  Pima Air & Space Museum  and  Deutsches Museum  galleries. Added the first installment of images to a new  CH-37B Mojave  walkaround gallery.

29 November 2004
Just returned from a two day visit to  Pima Air & Space Museum  located at Tucson, Arizona. I have started an overview page, with some of the aircraft exhibits going to be expanded into walkarounds later.

25 September 2004
Revamped the  MRCA TornadoH-21 Shawnee, A-10A WarthogSu-27 FlankerCF-18A/B Hornet,  and  F/A-18E/F Super Hornet  galleries during the past four weeks.

28 August 2004
Added  NAS Eggebek 2003 Open House to the  Airshows  section. The event also marked the 45th Anniversary of Marineflieger Geschwader (MFG) 2.

1 August 2004
Added the  Belgian Helidays 2003  as the first entry of  the  Airshows  section. The Belgian Helidays are usually held at Bierset Airbase near Liege, Belgium.

22 July 2004
Kept adding entries to the  Deutsches Museum  image gallery, most of  which will be expanded into walkarounds - stay tuned.

11 July 2004
Uploaded a page for  Deutsches Museum  covering airplanes, helicopters, missiles, engines and equipment on display at the main facility in downtown Munich and at Flugwerft Oberschleissheim.

21 March 2004
Added 17 images of a Turkish Air Force  F-16C Block 40L  to the Viper walkaround gallery.

28 February 2004
Revamped the  H-34G Seabat  gallery and added four new pictures from a recent excursion to Deutsches Museum.

12 October 2003
Added three types to the  Rotorhead  gallery, namely the SE3130 Alouette II, the Agusta-Bell AB412SP and the SA330J Puma.

3 October 2003
Added the  Luftwaffenmuseum  to the theme galleries. A number of walkarounds covering the exhibits will follow.

31 August 2003
Added a new link to Helicopter Walkarounds  on the OH-1 Ninja Scout Helicopter site. Many types featured, including SH-60J, EH-101, and a photo report from AHS Forum Virginia Beach 2000.

31 August 2003
Revamped the  Sea King  page in the  helicopter walkaround  galleries section.
Added 6 new images of a Royal Navy  Sea King HU.5  taken at Helidays 2003 at Bierset, Belgium.

26 August 2003
Revamped the  Rarebird  gallery. Added 4 new images of the  RSK MiG-AT  second prototype.

03 August 2003
Revamped the  EC665 Tiger  gallery and added 22 new images of Tiger PT5R (98+25).

26 June 2003
Added two quarter view images of a Royal Navy Merlin HM.1 to the  EH-101  gallery.

7 June 2003
Updated the  NH90  gallery with some shots taken at ILA 2002. Also added some pictures of the latest NH90 CSAR mock-up as the first installment of pictures taken at the recent Belgian Helidays 2003 in Bierset.

13 April 2003
Revamped the  Rotorhead Close-up Gallery  and added a dozen new images.

11 January 2003
I was allowed to crawl under an F-4E that formerly served at USAFE Spangdahlem airbase as an instructional airframe. Added 14 respective images to the  F-4 Phantom  gallery.
Also added 4 images to the  F-16 Fighting Falcon walkaround.

10 January 2003
Added 34 images of an
H-34G-III Seabat on display at Deutsches Museum (Oberschleissheim Facility) in Marineflieger SAR markings.

19 October  2002
Just returned form a photo safari to Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany. As a first installment of photos taken there, I added 44 images of an SH-19B Chickasaw in USAF search and rescue markings.

29 September  2002
Added about 20 images to the  Su-27 Flanker  walkaround, including Su-27PD, Su-30MK and Su-35 variants.

25 September  2002
Completed the Fitter galleries with the addition of a  Su-22M4 Fitter-K  in  East German Air Force markings.

4 August  2002
Added another 20 images to  the  UH-1D Iroquois  walkaround.

12 June  2002
Updated the  MRCA Tornado  walkaround with some ordnance shots.

19 June  2002
Added a few images to the UH-1D Iroquois walkaround.

29 May  2002
Added a Su-20 Fitter-C walkaround depicting one of two birds covertly obtained from Egypt by the West German Luftwaffe in 1985. This one, coded 98+61, was flight evaluated by E-Stelle 61 and now is on display at Luftwaffenmuseum Berlin-Gatow. The other one was kept for spares, its whereabouts are unknown.

24 May  2002
Added a rare VIP-configured Mi-8S
Salon HIP-C
(16 images) and the  Harrier GR.1 (20 images) to the walkaround gallery.

23 May  2002
Made a few additions and corrections to the A-10A Thunderbolt II page.

21 May  2002
Added a new walkaround covering the AV-8B Harrier
and it's RAF equivalents Harrier GR.5 and GR.7

20 May  2002
As the first installment of pictures taken at the recent ILA2002 here in Berlin a few pictures were added to the C-17A Globemaster III walkaround. The Robinson R-44 is the latest entry to the Rotorheads and Blades section (courtesy of Chris Jones).

23 February  2002
Made a few additions to the AH-64 Apache, CF-18A/B Hornet, NH90, F-117A Nighthawk and Rarebird galleries. Took lots of Fitter and Flogger shots in the meantime. Watch this place...

4 December  2001
Added the Mi-8T Hip-C in Luftwaffe SAR markings as the second of three installments covering the Mil Mi-8 helicopter series.

3 December  2001
Added the Mi-9 Hip-G as the first of three installments covering the Mil Mi-8 helicopter series.

25 November  2001
Made a few additions to the Mi-24D Hind-D and Mi-24P Hind-F walkarounds.

18 November  2001
Completed HTML work for the AH-64 Apache and UH-60 Blackhawk walkarounds.

14 November  2001
Completed HTML work for the Tiger walkaround and added a few more images.

13 November  2001
The next members of the Hind family...a  Mil Mi-24V Hind-E  in CIS markings and a somewhat obscure East German Mi-24D Hind-D ground instructional airframe. For those who can't wait...previews of the AH-64 Apache and the UH-60 Blackhawk.

3 November  2001
Well, time for...a helicopter walkaround: A Mil Mi-4 Hound in the markings of the former East German armed forces (23 images).

2 November  2001
Yet another helicopter walkaround...a Mil Mi-24P Hind-F in the markings of re-unified Germany. About 60 images, including some interior shots.

31 October 2001
Added the Dornier Seastar to the Rarebird gallery. Also added some more images of the Mi-2 Hoplite and An-225 Mriya.

27 October 2001
Added 5 images to the Mil Mi-26T HALO walkaround.

24/25 October 2001
Added a few images to the NH90 and the C-17A Globemaster III walkarounds.

21 October 2001
Added 60 images of an H-21 Shawnee to the growing helicopter walkaround section.

2 October 2001
Added the F-16 Fighting Falcon walkaround covering A, C, D and MLU versions with 45 images so far. More to come...

30 September 2001
Added walkarounds of Canadian CF-18A/B Hornets and the world's largest operational helicopter, the Mil Mi-26T HALO.

22 September 2001
Added images of a Bf109G-6, an A300-608ST Belouga, and the An-225 Mriya to the Rarebird gallery.

19 September 2001
Added a slew of images to the RF-84F Thunderflash section, this time I even managed to take a few shots of the camera nose ;-)

23 August 2001
Added four images of the Rostvertol Mi-35M main and tail rotors to the Rotorheads and Blades section.

4 August 2001
Added three images of the Antonov An-70 to the Rarebird gallery, together with another two A300-600ST Belouga shots.

21 July 2001
Archived the last batch of photos taken back in June 2000 (and forgotten since then). Amongst those were a number of detail shots depicting the F-117A Nighthawk.

17 July 2001
Added images of the Boeing JSF weapons bay interior and Rafale B.01 conformal fuel tanks to the Miscellaneous Detail page. Added the Antonov An-74TK-300 to the Rarebird gallery. There are a few new items in the Rotorheads and Blades section also.

15 July 2001
Added a dozen or so images to the F/A-18F Super Hornet walkaround.

10 July 2001
Another bunch of shots taken at Paris, showing the F/A-18F Super Hornet on static display complete with the latest AIM-9X air-to-air missiles.

8 July 2001
Added 3 images to the NH90 walkaround.

7 July 2001
As the first installment of shots taken at the recent Paris Airshow, I added a walkaround of an Italian Navy  EH International EH101  ASW/ASuW helicopter comprising 31 images. Added  4 of these to the Rotorheads and Blades section also.

27 April 2001
Added  images to both the Rotorheads and Blades  and the  UH-1D  galleries.

13 April 2001
Added some more Messerschmitts to the Rare Birds gallery.

11 April 2001
Added a whole bunch of new images to Rare Birds gallery, including the An-225/Buran 'Mistel', a Sea Heron, the Mirage 4000, and others.

7 April 2001
Added a collection of vintage aircraft, warbirds, one-off prototypes and other rare aircraft in a new Rare Birds gallery.

1 April 2001
Added 3 images to the Rotorheads and Blades section. More to come...

24 March 2001
Added a further bunch of images to the NH90 walkaround.

21 March 2001
After another long break, here's the NH90 walkaround.

19 September 2000
Added 22 new images to the  MRCA Tornado walkaround.

18 September 2000
Now that the summer break is over, 16 images of a Luftwaffe F-4F ICE were added to the F-4 Phantom walkaround, and another 10 to the MiG-29 Fulcrum section.

23 July 2000
Added another 2 images to the Sea King walkaround.
Added another 10 images to the C-17A Globemaster III walkaround.

22 July 2000
Added a further 9 images to the Rotorheads and Blades section, including main rotor hubs of the EC-120, EC-135 and Bell 427.

2 July 2000
Added the F-84 to the walkaround section. Covered are both the F-84F Thunderstreak fighter bomber and the RF-84F Thunderflash tactical recce version. Images were taken at the Luftwaffenmuseum Berlin-Gatow, Germany.

27 June 2000
Rearranged the MRCA Tornado walkaround and added a few shots of an RAF Tornado GR.4.

26 June 2000
Added the Su-22 Fitter to the walkaround section (14 images).

25 June 2000
Added the C-17A Globemaster III to the walkaround section. First batch comprises 30 images, including some interior shots.

16 May 2000
Added the Aérospatiale SA.342 Gazelle and the PZL Swidnik to the Rotorheads and Blades section.
Corrected the SH-60B main rotor image, which had been reversed during scanning. Thanks to Kelly McCauley for the hint.

14 May 2000
Added another 6 pictures to the Rotorheads and Blades section, namely UH-60L, AH-1W, RAH-66 tail rotors, a Mi-24P main rotor blade, and both tail and main rotors of a Mi-8 HIP.

30 Apr 2000
In a major upgrade, I added 31 pictures to the Rotorheads and Blades section. This is probably the largest collection of helicopter main and tail rotor hub images on  the Web now.
Greetings to Stanford ;-)

29 Apr 2000
Yet another walkaround of  helicopters used in the SAR role, this time Westland Sea Kings.

28 Apr 2000
Added another walkaround mostly made up of interior shots of Heeresflieger UH-1D helicopters in SAR configuration..

27 Apr 2000
Added a close-up of a trailing edge flap to the Phantom walkaround.
Added an image of the nose landing gear to the Foxhound walkaround.

23 Apr 2000
Added six images of a ski-equipped LC-130H to the Miscellaneous Detail section.

20 Apr 2000
Added the McDonnell F-4 Phantom to the walkaround section.

14 Apr 2000
Added an image of a Fulcrum with deployed brake-chute to the MiG-29 walkaround.

12 Apr 2000
Started a Sukhoi Flanker walkaround section with 7 images of a TVC-equipped Su-37.
Added eight new images to the Rotorhead page.

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